Explore & Experience

With its spectacular scenery, adventure activities, and proximity to the Annapurna & Dhaulagiri Mountain Ranges, the city is the perfect base for the trekkers.
See the splendor & Fly with birds!
Marvel on a micro light or participate in a paraglide and fly with the Birds. You’ll live the best moment of your life soaring freely with the birds over one of the most picturesque landscapes on earth- a paragliding paradise!
Rapture in the rapid
Use the power of the water to have the roller coaster ride of a lifetime as part of a team on the beautiful Seti River. The adrenalin Rushes just keep on coming.
Horsing Around!
A quite leisurely pony ride by the lake side or surrounding hill country, enjoying beautiful lake views on the backdrops of majestic mountains!
Wall climbing
Hone your climbing walls or just have fun in complete safety.
Flying above the snowcapped mountains swooped by the gentle breeze in Pokhara valley with no whirring or whining of modern engine is dreamlike floating on the waters!
The pleasure of touching waters in the waves of Fewa Lake while sitting on a colorful boat is as romantic as dancing on the disco floor!
Bungy Jump
The ultimate thrill of a bungee jump can be experienced in Pokhara. Nepal’s first and only tower Bungee jump site offers a spellbinding views of the Himalayas, the hills and the rivers that will take your breath away!
Zip line Flyer
Located in one of the most beautiful places in Pokhara, the zip line flying is an amazing experience, definitely one you should try once in a lifetime! It is the tallest, the longest and the steepest zip line in the whole world.
Sky diving
See a 360 degree view of the mighty Himalayas in addition to the thrill of sky diving either in a solo jump or in tandem!!
Annapurna Base Camp Heli-Excursion
Flying over picturesque and dramatic scenery of verdant valley and hills dotted with farm villages. Experience the beauty of Himalayan panorama on Heli-Excursion to Mt. Annapurna Base Camp/Sanctuary.
Pokhara is a Capital of Soft Adventures and, those wishing to brave the challenges have numerous other possibilities:
World Peace Pagoda
Breathe in the aura of this sacred place. Get a bird’s eye view of Pokhara valley, prestine Fewa Lake and the highest Himalayan ranges in the horizon. Here you are even closer to the Mount Annapurnas, Fishtail, Dhaulagiris and the Terrace Farms etc.
Old Bazaar
For a glimpse of what Pokhara was like before the traffic, chaos and tourist restaurants besieged the erstwhile village, head out to the old town, north of the bustling MahendraPUL(Bridge). The best way to explore is on foot!!
Tibetan Refugee Camp
Under the shadows of the Sarangkot hills and with the fluttering and flapping of Buddhist prayer flags in the breeze in the rocky valley with cluster of Monasteries is the Tibetan Refugee Camp or rather a shelters allocated for Tibetans who escaped from the clutches of Mao Tse Tung’s invasion of Tibet. In real life, a visit here genuinely feels like you’re in Tibet.
Phewa Tal
Fewa Tal- the second largest lake in Nepal is the travellers’ focal point in Pokhara. Tal Barahi Temple, located at the western end of Fewa Lake, is the most important religious monument of Pokhara.
Rupa Tal
Rupa Lake-the third biggest lake in Pokhara valley is a freshwater lake in Nepal located at an altitude of 600 m covering a area about 1.35 km².
Begnas Tal
Begnas Lake is a freshwater lake in Pokhara located in the south-east of the Pokhara Valley. The lake is the third largest lake of Nepal and second largest, after Fewa lake, among the eight lakes in Pokhara Valley. Since it is visited comparatively less, the original beauty is undisturbed.
Lies at an altitude of 1600m and is renowned for its panoramic Himalayan views: Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu. In recent years, Sarangkot has become a hotspot for paragliding.
Gurkha Memorial Museum
The Gorkha Museum celebrates the achievements of the renowned Gorkha regiments covering Gorkha history from the 19th-century Indian Uprising. The Museum concentrates on their history to current British Army and the Indian Army.
Annapurna Butterfly Museum
This small museum has housed wide variety of Butterflies including Corman Birdming-the largest butterfly of Nepal.
Bindhyabasini Temple
The ancient Bindhya Basini Temple sits atop a small hill in Old town Pokhara. The temple is sacred to Durga, the warlike incarnation of Parvati. If you are lucky enough- witness a traditional Nepalese wedding solemnized in this oldest temple of western Nepal.
Shree Gaden Dhargay Ling Monastery
Crimson and saffron robed Tibetan monks shuffle into Shree Gaden Dhargay Monastery situated inside the Tashiling refugee camp, on the outskirts of Pokhara, in Hymja aka Suikhet valley.
Devi's Fall
Also known as Patale Chhang (Thin Waterfall) unlike Nayagara Fall’s volume and magnitude, this waterfall marks the point where the Pardi Khola stream vanishes underground. When the stream is at full bore after monsoon rains, the sound of the water plunging over the falls is deafening for the visitors.
Mahendra Cave
This limestone cave is a rare example of a cave system containing stalactites and stalagmites with the mid portion of the cave contains a statue of the Hindu Lord Shiva.