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Heritage Hotel Suites and Spa - Pokhara
The highly anticipated Hotel Heritage Suites & Spa is open for business in the lake valley of Pokhara. Hotel Heritage Suites & Spa is an expression of the ways of living developed by a Nepali community and passed on from generation to generation- our connection to the past. Some of our most impressive antiques, artifacts & handicrafts are actually incredibly old and it’s difficult to determine the precise dates they were built- even before Buddha was born some BB2600 years ago.

The Hotel Heritage Suites & Spa as it stands today is inextricably linked to Nepal’s colorful history. Artifacts and antiques have been lovingly preserved throughout the property, maintaining the architectural heritage evolved over centuries of skilled craftsmanship. Every patriotic Nepali and the supporters of our Heritage should do their best to preserve and protect the heritage that they have inherited from the ancestors in all its facets of Nepal’s culture, tradition, arts, artifacts – its our life…its our legacy … and unique DNA. The skilled artisans are slowing disappearing and the art and artifacts they could have created are gradually vanishing. Therefore, every Nepali must earnestly encourage these artisans to continue and pursue their art works. It’s the responsibility of every Nepali and the Historians to preserve the historical arts as a unique gift to our future generations.
Our Story
It’s rare, even in the world of luxury, when a project of this scale maintains a focus on miniscule details to the level hardly found elsewhere. Being called “The Icon of the Lake Valley”, with 8 Years journey in the making and with over Rs1.4 billion investment is certainly an undisputed masterpiece and a architectural marvel. It’s a new benchmark and a perfect example of a work of very different hand-made beauty.

The Heritage Hotel, Suites & Spa invokes legends; the legacy and life of Nepalese, depicting age-old art & architecture that goes back 5000 years, is alive in the ambience & architecture of the Hotel.

It is a honour and tribute to the age old art, love for Nepal and gift to Pokhara, as it sits magnificently as a Jewel in the Crown of Pokhara. This reveals what it takes to restore the pride of the country with the unerring instincts and the steadfast determination to embark on a project of this scale. In some cases it was sheer perseverance and exceptional patience to face the challenges in the wake of the Great Earthquake of Nepal. Although Heritage Hotel, Suites & Spa was saved and survived the catastrophe, by God’s Grace without even a hair-line crack in its buildings and infrastructure, the Hotel had to endure a huge setback, to achieve what it is now. The Hotel spent another year in retrofitting every building to safeguard and ensure that the resident Guests are safe in the future when even the magnitude of an 11rhector scale earthquake, God forbid, may ravage the country.
As if the 2015 Earth quake devastation was not enough, the unscrupulous and inhuman economic border blockade by the Modi Government of India, which ensued immediately following the massive earthquake strangled the country and its people for 9 months. This consequently caused 2 years of setback with time over-run and huge cost over-runs.

Presently, The Hotel proudly stands just 123 meters from the tranquil Fewa Lake, 5 km as the crow-flies from Begnas & Rupa Lakes, and a 15km as the crow-flies/ or 3 days on foot from the Great Himalayan Range encompassing 6 of the 10 highest mountains on Earth – and thus welcomes the discerning guests. The boutique hotel, the only one of its kind that Nepali artisans built to create a templescape with new dimensions of High Quality Comfort, Luxurious Style & Experience in a traditional setting. Interiors seamlessly integrate elements of Nepal’s Art & Artifact & traditional culture.

“We are most delighted to practice “Atithi Deva Bhava” – “Guests are God” Mantra and Motto to offer the unique and authentic Nepali Hospitality experience in this boutique hotel: whether our guests are here for arts and culture, business meetings or to enjoy breathtaking scenes & scenery of this Himalayan hub and the playground of adventure activities.

Hotel Heritage Suites & Spa is towering with pride as a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Centre Point, #15 Heritage Street in Pokhara offering unmatched comfort and elegance steeped in history. Heaven is a myth - Pokhara is real, it’s a paradise and the playground of adventurers/ Explorers surrounded by the highest Himalayas, 7 Himalayan Lakes, 7 Himalayan Tributaries with multi-cultured societies such as famous warrior Gurungs, Thakalis, Bramins and Chhetris. The Hotel Heritage Suites & Spa helps you understand the story– the history and identity of its people.
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The leader in luxury boutique hotel lies in the western part of the Nepal 200km west & 25 minutes by flight from Kathmandu Valley. Due to its proximity to the mountain ranges, the city is a base for trekkers undertaking Annapurna & Dhaulagiri Explorations. The Oasis of Peace, The World Peace Pagoda overlooks the Hotel, Heritage Hotel, Suites & Spa which is 125 meters/2 minutes away from Fewa Lake.

The whole hotel is a sumptuous array of beautiful artifacts, art and traditionally crafted fixtures. Attention to detail has been meticulously considered throughout, giving the feeling you aren’t just in a hotel as much as an art gallery or museum. It has the finest rooms specifically to enhance your comfort and add to the luxury. Heritage Hotel, Suites & Spa even offers you with recreational activities like relaxing steam and sauna, whirlpool Jacuzzi and a flood swimming pool.This is your home away from home while in Nepal.
Exclusive Privilege
Privilege Club We invite you to become a member of the Privilege Club. Membership of Privilege Club makes you and your spouse preferred guests at our hotel. We pass you privileges far above your imagination. Annual membership fee Rs. 200,000/-

10% discount on Food and Beverage
20% discount in Swimming Pool
15% discount for Sauna, Steam, and Jacuzzi
40% discount on accommodation, room upgrade (upon availability)

Please Note:
These discounts are applicable on Printed Tariff & Menu and are subject to 10% Service Charge and 13% VAT.

Facilities & Outlets

Indulge in the next evolution of the Spa experience at Heritage Hotel, Suites & Spa! The largest spa in Pokhara dedicated to comfort you!! We combine world-class expertise with local flavors to deliver a bespoke experience that is undeniably unique for every guest using all natural oils, high quality essentials, comfortable environments, soothing music, friendly ambience and dedicated and professional staff to pamper your body !
A night at our unique and upcoming Discotheque (that is in the pipeline), is like attending a spectacular light show, where more than a million color-changing LEDs poke out of almost every corner and bright green absinthe potions swirl around in glasses. It boasts a great experience throughout the night, with the bar serving cocktails, wines and beers.
Pool-table / Snooker Room (that is in the pipeline)
Use all that energy the Heritage Hotel experience has given you in a spirited game of pool. Any time of year, Any time of the day, whatever the weather our indoor activities are second to none! Our Snooker Room is a hidden gem.
Home Theater(that is in the pipeline)
Experience beyond extraordinary. There would be no words to fully convey your total experience with our Home Theatre!!You could not have been more pleased with your experience.
Business Center Facility
Conveniently located adjacent to the lobby, our Hospitality Duty Officer will go beyond the call of duty to assist you, and offer computers services with the latest software, scanning, printing and copying facilities and courier service. Our trained office staff is here to assist you with all your secretarial needs.